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  • Abdul Sidi Via Nation Media

Chana Brothers to Be Fueled By Jaguar for Rest of Season. Written by Abdul Sidi (Nation)

The Chana Brothers have landed a sponsorship with Jaguar Petroleum for the remaining rounds of the 2020 Kenya National Rally Championship in addition to the entire 2021 season.

The remaining rounds are based on what the KNRC calendar provides due to interruptions visited by the coronavirus pandemic.

Jasmeet Chana, who is regularly navigated by his brother Ravi Chana, will carry the Jaguar Petroleum colors on their Mitsubishi Lancer Evo10 following the latest deal.

The former KNRC 2WD, Division One, Division Two, Division Three, S class Champion and 2019 Group 'N' Champion said he was excited with the deal that will keep his mind definitely focused.

"I am happy and looking forward the new deal. It makes a lot of difference when you know you can drive at 100 percent potential without having to worry about budget constraints.

"Driving will become a lot better when you don't have much stress about monetary issues. You can only go up and faster and can't look behind as long as you drive sensibly. I know how and when to go flat out," said Jasmeet told Nation Sport.

* * * *

Members of the WRC Safari Rally, whose efforts are seen as some of the most important steps taken by the Kenyans to show our might in the Safari Rally to be run next year, are led by Phineas Kimathi (CEO). Other pillars in the process include Sports Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed, CAS Sports Hassan Noor, Jim Kahumbura (Event Director), Gurvir Bhabra (Clerk of Course), Anwar Sidi (Media Safety and Route Liason), Kimanthi Maingi (Steering Committee), Lilian Ajuoga (Senior Warden Hells Gate National Park), Julius Kabiru (Security), George Mwangi (Deputy CoC), Nazir Yakub (Deputy CoC), Norris Ongalo (Safety), and Antony Gatei (Service Park Manager).

* * * *

Among the special features of the next year's WRC Safari Rally will be the Shakedown venue at Loldia by the outskirts of Naivasha. The venue has been specially designed to give both the drivers and spectators a thrilling and exciting time.

The Shakedown gives the drivers and teams the last chance to test their cars at full speed.

As a spectator, this is an opportunity to see your favorite drivers over and over again from different perspectives. The stage starts with a 5-6km long technical section, where the blind crests and curves follow each other.

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